Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gu Guai Xing Qui (France) | ZEPPO (Switzerland) Philippine Tour


Gu Gua Xing Qui is a theatrical grindcore punk band from France. This guys are doing some acting while and in between their live set. One of a kind punk band. Not really familiar with their music, only started listening to them few days before their Philippine tour. Their live set was really sick, enjoyed it a lot. I was able to talk to Nancy after their set and according to him this might be their last tour, since they're living far way with each other, and he is not certain about the plans for the band. Nancy also mentioned that they've been around for years already. 


ZEPPO is an awesome Three Piece Eco-Anarcho Punk band from Switzerland. Handing out lyric sheets and other text before they start their set, I always appreciate bands who hand out lyric sheets before they start their set, making sure that their message will be heard and open our eyes and mind to what is happening in society. ZEPPO's lyrics are mainly about social commentary, politics, and personal struggle. 

They will be playing few more shows around the country. If you get the chance to catch them please do. 

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